Words to young dark skin black girls


"Put down the bleach. Your skin is not dirt that needs to be cleaned out like yesterday’s shirt. You are comprised of sienna, chestnut, and warm mahogany. Dark as the night sky, constellations are tucked neatly underneath your bones. Your skin reminiscent of the hot chocolate that warms winter nights. Like rings around a tree stump, you too have history etched into your melanin. Don’t let the glaring whiteness, blind you from the beauty that you are. "

(Source: bellecosby, via msjenai)

I understand your frustration could it be because people are looking for the equality of all people and not just one race I get your perspective trust me and I uplift you for uplifting me and our fellow sisters, I feel some people are not able to deal with peoples minds changing and some still learning and some standing still but with that comes your own patience in understanding that we are not all the same and we do not all think alike, what do you think?


I don’t have a problem with people looking for the equality of everyone because I look for that all of the time. I’m actually glad that it seems that more people are interested in including everyone instead of placing a certain race on a pedestal. The thing about the post is that it wasn’t meant to place black girls on a pedestal and make it seem that other races are invisible to me. The fact of the matter is that even with all of the equality talk that occurs on a daily basis, some black girls still feel invisible in this society. I honestly made the post at a time when I was questioning my validity as a black girl and I happened to come across different posts that were geared towards letting black girls know that they do matter and are in fact not invisible. It wasn’t meant to stir up ill feelings with others so that’s why it’s frustrating to me because in the fight to promote equality, some people think that any post that ventures outside of being generalized is coming from a hateful place and that wasn’t my intent. As a black woman, I feel that I should be able to speak towards fellow black women or men in a positive way just as much as I speak towards anyone else in a positive way.

I do still have a lot to learn as far as being patient with others, I’ll admit that but I just wish that instead of jumping to conclusions, people would consider why a certain post was created as well. 

Sometimes we make certain decisions, for the sanity and safety of our space, that cause people to lash out and accuse us of not being appreciative of their presence in our lives.


Sometimes we are made to feel guilty for wanting to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we are made to feel guilty for wanting to save ourselves from being completely wrapped up in another person’s being. Sometimes the very same people who lash out at us forget that we’ve done nothing but show them…

At this point in my life, I refuse to date someone who expects me to be an open book but won’t even show their emotions to me.


It’s draining giving all of yourself to a person who won’t do the same for you. It’s down right selfish honestly. Fine, if you’re not the type of person to open up emotionally. That’s okay but don’t expect me to pour my heart out while you hold yours within closed fists.